FRGML RC Fox Chase Team 2021
FRGML RC Fox Chase Team 2021

FRGML Running Club

Meet at Algonquin Road School for weekly ALL-LEVEL Fun Runs:(975 Algonquin Road FRG)

Tuesdays @ 6:30 p.m.Thursdays @ 6:30 p.m.Saturdays @ 7:30 a.m.(Psst! The first Saturday of each month is Donut Day!)

Have you ever said, “I should really start running!” or “It would be so amazing to run that block/5K/10/Marathon!” or “Who are those crazy people out there running in this weather?” Welcome to FRGML Running Club!

The Fox River Grove Memorial Library Running Club (FRGML RC) is gearing up for its 6th year of miles (some easier than others!), trash talk, camaraderie, and fun! Our mission is simple: Create a team of people who will welcome everybody and every body - regardless of fitness level, to encourage one another, share tips, goals, and plans for a healthier way of life. We have more than 40 active members. Some walk, some run, but we are always moving!

Members of the club participate in the annual Fox Chase 5K along with other local races and have earned our fair share of medals (and love to brag about them!) Many of our members also participate in the "Run the Year Challenge'" as teams striving to complete 2023 miles walking or running within the year.

We work with local businesses to offer discounted fitness opportunities. In 2024, we will return to a monthly meeting schedule at a local pub. These meetings give us a chance to engage with guest speakers, who teach, train, and inspire us! We look forward to our next "FRGML RC Bar-a-thon" and our inaugural "FRGML RC Scavenger Hunt." We enjoy “Donut runs” on the first Saturday of each month, and plan other fun surprises, like a St. Patrick’s Day destination run! We are only limited by our imaginations.

Join us. Bring your ideas for health, fitness, and fun to the table. Contact Bridgett @ 847-639-2274 or via email at

Already on board? For up-to-date information on group fun runs, races, gear reviews, and miscellaneous hijinks, follow us on Team App. Here’s how:

    1. Download the Team App application from the AppStore or Google Play.
    2. Create your unique personal account on Team App.
    3. Search Team App for team FRG and select FRG Running.
    4. Tap “Become a member” near top of screen.
    5. Once your request is approved, you will be added to our club directory -- then the fun begins!