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Register at the Fox River Grove Library, or at any of the 13 participant libraries in McHenry County and you’ll receive:

your official guide

a map

a bookmark

a sticker

a ribbon

Registrants can travel to all 13 McHenry County libraries for a fun activity and Expedition check-in, in no particular order.

Explorers who complete all 13 visits will be entered to win one of the gift baskets valued at a minimum of $50 each.

A library card is not required to participate. Present your bookmark at each library to get your sticker and ribbon.

Use the app to view the map, and to keep track of visited libraries.

Have fun and enjoy all the surprises prepared for you at each library!


April book club pick is The Pleasing Hour by Lily King - April 13, 5 p.m. at the library.

A copy of the selected book will be at the Circulation Desk one month before the book club meeting.

You can also borrow an eBook or eAudiobook using our apps Axis 360, OverDrive, and Hoopla.

New members are always welcome. If you haven't already, contact us to register

by phone at 847-639-2274, or in person at the circulation desk.




There are some passionate collectors in this town and we are so grateful to those who trusted us with their lot and displayed them in our vestibule case. So far, our patrons have enjoyed seeing keychains, nesting dolls, fridge magnets, oil paintings, handmade beaded earrings, seashells, pin cushions, cat memorabilia, and knitting projects. We are looking forward to being surprised with more unique collections from Fox River Grove Memorial Library patrons.