How to Get a Library Card

Welcome to Fox River Grove Memorial Library - we can't wait for you to join us! Please note:

(1) The fastest way to start using the Library is to register for an online-only card. These are good for 60 days and allow access to our online services like eBooks and eAudiobooks. We will contact you with instructions to complete registration for a full-privilege card (see also infographic below). Click here to register for your online-only card.

(2) Even though almost all FRG residents are eligible for a library card, some places in town require a Barrington Library or non-resident card (living outside of any library district). Check this map to be sure, or if you are right on the border, check your property tax bill for your library district to be 100% sure.  Then come in for a library card so you can enjoy all of our services and digital resources!

(3) Library cards require renewal every two years (or every year for district non-residents) so we can be sure you're still a resident of the library district. You'll get an email reminder to come in and confirm your contact details, or staff at the Circulation desk will let you know if your card is nearing time for renewal.

How to get a library card